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Restorative Dentistry & Replacement Teeth

Catonsville Dentist Michael Schwartz

Before Dr. Schwartz can deliver the attractive smile you crave, he needs to make sure that your teeth are healthy and your mouth functions properly. Tooth decay and gum diseases are just some of the problems that can endanger your oral health. Cosmetic dentistry built on a faulty foundation won't last. Fortunately, as an experienced restorative dentist, Dr. Schwartz offers innovative, esthetic dental services to restore your strong, healthy, vibrant smile.

A degraded tooth can reclaim structural integrity and beauty with a tooth-colored filling or crown. If you're missing teeth, consider dental implants or dentures, and reclaim the quality of life that was taken from you. We can also replace old metal dental work with more natural-looking restorations, if you like.

Become a part of our family. Call our dental office today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Schwartz. You'll soon discover that dental care can be rewarding, relaxing, and even fun! Our office serves Catonsville, Baltimore, Ellicott City, and the surrounding areas with personalized service and quality care.

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