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Economic fears can effect dental care

Regular cleanings and checkups can save big money by heading off problems early!

Economic fears can effect dental careJust this weekend, on CNN, I saw that the unemployment rate is now over 10%. What does this have to do with dentistry? Well, when times get tough and people start losing their jobs, preventative dental care can be one of the first things to go. Additionally, according to a new study appearing in the online edition of Health services research, the correlation between rising unemployment and preventative health care is not just due to people being short of cash. "We see high community level unemployment exacts a psychological toll on individuals," said lead study author Brian Quinn. "Even for people who are working, or who have a working partner or spouse, there might be an impact if they're stressed about themselves or their significant others losing their jobs." When times are stressful, things that don't seem as important get ignored. Unfortunately dental care is at the bottom of mamy people's lists. However, it's important to remember that oral hygeine is very important to overall health; for example, gum disease can lead to heart disease and diabetes. Additionally, preventative care is always cheaper than than costly tooth repairs, or the cost of replacing lost teeth!

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